Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art at Windward Community College Part 2...


This beauty is not actually at Windward Community College, but stands near the entrance of the campus, and actually stands at the Court Building on the Windward side.  The title of this piece is "Mamala Hoe" and it's one of my personal fav Hawaiian statue pieces. 

It depicts the story of King Kamehameha, as he was walking the trails one day.  Upon walking along the trail he came upon a fisherman and called on to him without letting the fisherman know who he was, and what his intentions were.  In fear of the stranger, the fisherman grabbed his paddle and struck it over Kamehameha's head.  After that was said and done, the fisherman was searched out by Kamehameha's troop and brought before the chief.  The fisherman feared for his life and pleaded before the chief.

After contemplation, King Kamehameha had let the fisherman know that he was at fault for not letting the fisherman know who he was and what his intentions were as he was walking about.  From that, the "Mamala Hoe" (Law of the Splintered Paddle) was created, which was created to protect all people from harm.  (That's the super abstract version of it.)  But feel free to check out these pics below, but to give you a lil perspective, the male statue stands at least 10 feet tall...

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