Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lights on, lights off...

Lights on, lights off,

That's what I call this one. Around the same time that I got my Yarn Shroom Poison Fang from ESC, I got a lil gift in the mail from my good collector buddy, KennerSeaWees. At this year's NYCC, she handed out some of her magic...confetti. When I got my bag o confetti from her, I knew right away what I was gonna do with it, and I must say it's quite a fit for this pic. So along with my Yarn Shroom, my KennerSeaWees confetti, my GID Soopa Maria twin (green colorway) jumped in for one killer pic, one with the lights on, the other with it off n under blacklight.  What I didn't realize, like that of the GID Soopa Maria, the Yarn Shroom also glows in the dark, hella cool.

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