Thursday, June 9, 2011

ITO collab exhibit...

So last night,

My buddy and I headed to the heart of Waikiki to check out "ITO: Interisland Travelwrights," a collab exhibit and pop-up store with some good friends of mine, Aunty Nalani, Kuha'o and Sig Zane, along with Interisland Terminal.  The pop-up store is currently being held until this Sunday at the Waikiki Parc Hotel.  I'm not one to really hang out in Waikiki, mainly because of the tourist scene, but this is one exhibit worthy of checking out.  I must say, the Waikiki Parc Hotel was a pretty good spot to have it at, being that it has a very contemporary feel to it.  For example, you gotta love this hotel's entrance...

Many of you may remember my blog entry about the Zane family and how I rock their New Era cap as my icon (, but ya, this is the same bunch of peopz.

 Photo above from Interisland Terminal

"ITO," as many of us locals know, is the abbreviation code for Hilo's airport, which is where they Zane family reside and have their store.  (  For this particular exhibit and pop-up store, Sig, Aunty Nalani and Kuha'o wanted to capture "interisland living" where memories are embedded from within when one travels from one island to another.  As always, they have an uncanny artistic ability of bridging traditional cultural practices with present day contemporary (and in my eyes pushing to the borders of urban art) art and fashion.  If you're here in the 808 "ITO" is something you have to check out for sure, the exhibit and pop-up store is set up with goodies gallore, complete with aloha shirts and dresses, killer aloha print shorts, tshirts, surfboards, sculptures, prints, bags, and even kites (which I would never even dare to fly because these guys are high end quality, lol), just to name a few.

As for Interisland Terminal, they are an upcoming non-profit "for the arts" organization.  When my friend and I went to check it out, we had the pleasure of talking story with one of the organizations members and he shared the vision that he had for Interisland Terminal, he's a pretty cool cat may I add.  They are in the process of raising funds in hopes of opening an art cafe in town, where they have plans of having a  cafe and space where artists can exhibit their visual work through canvas, walls, video and music.  Proceeds from the "ITO" exhibit and pop-up store will be donated to Interisland Terminal  *Cough* *cough* I hear a collab event with 808orbit in the very near future with these guys.  I seriously can't wait to see what's down the road for Interisland Terminal, I guess we'll all have to wait and see. 

But ya, I ended up getting me an aloha shirt with the exact print from the photo below (provided by Interisland Terminal) along with an ITO tshirt.  In the photo is Sig himself, a stickler for detail.

But yup yup, again, you have to check it out, "ITO" at the Waikiki Parc Hotel until this Sunday, open daily from 11-7pm.

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