Monday, January 24, 2011

Mutants, Misfits and the Mighty (Part 1)...

Monday evening was fur sure a night to remember,

Sponsored by Loft in Space, Fresh Cafe and Lightsleepers, there was a nice remix of art, based upon the cartoon and comic book folk we all grew up with. 

Lofa, the event curator did a body slam job of bringing in a HUGE crew of over 50 peopz to the table to be a part of the show, unreal.  Through the Cafe's entrance, you got that posh vibe, where people were ordering up food and having casual convo, and then you could walk around the cafe to check out some of the art for the show. 

A whole other batch of goodies were also displayed in the "events" area aka Loft in Space, where there was slammin music straight from Cav's turntablism, which was a nice fresh brew of hip hop, a lil bit of old school and some killer street and jass infused beats...sick.  In true creative 808 fashion, there was also a comic bookish photo taking area, complete with sound effect signage and props for you to use.

As always, it was good to see a bunch of the Hawaii heads many of which were contributors for the show.  Below are a bunch of pics I quickly took, there's a whole bunch so I'm including them in four parts.

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