Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One MAD family...

Today I'm featuring another one of my favorite artists,

This time, MAD.  I really like the bold lines of MAD's figures and the whole theme of the hip/hop and urban world of his designs.  MAD has done a number of figs including Dunnys, his own line of blind box figs and MADL's...wicked talent.  In the pic below (from left to right) are his two Bentworld Vandals, one of his Dunny designs,  his two Sharpest Sprayers and in the back his TV Head.  I really like how he uses black and gold in some of his figures, so after I got the TV Head (which I've been looking for for a loooong time, lol) I grabbed up all of my black and gold MAD figs and snapped this pic.  (Thanks Cheeky for the TV Head n the Sharpest Sprayer figs!)

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