Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lightsleepers pops it up...

A day after our "Girls Represent" event at Prototype Ala Moana,

Lofa, a fellow freind, collector and one of the top dogs in the Hawaii urban scene held his "Lightsleepers Pop-Up Store" debut just a floor above at Split Obsession at the Ala Moana Shopping Center on November 6th.  Zonrboy and I went to support the cause, cuz we're all in it together to support one another in really making our mark in the urban scene not only in the 808, but throughout the world to let everyone know that we got it going on.

In true Hawaii fashion, Lofa had it goin' on in full force.  Right at the entrance of S.O. (as some of us call Split Obsession) CKaweeks, on the right was slapping up some sick "mono" canvas while on the left the crew hit up the vinyl with killer mixes, where a lot of the gang hung around.  As you walked towards the back of the store, in the middle area there was a nice assortment of sweet tooth satisfying goodies, Waialua Soda Works, and hot damn that pineapple flavor was killer.  And there was some old school favorites including Hostess Ho-ho's, yes!  A lot of us 8080 peopz were all there to show support and that sweet tooth section was a good place for us to hang out, talk story and crack usual.  Choni also dug into his magic hat and threw out some of his handmade decals, some of which were new designs...sick.

There was an even Steven representation of Lightsleepers goodies, which included Katch1 x Tyo trucks, shirts, stickers and buttons.  Whew, yup we're talking full force!

A couple of Hawaii's best also stopped by to show support, which included The Starfish Guy and Woebots himself who dressed in his killer yet appropriate Quasimoto suit...sick!

Good times, good times...

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