Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lunch meeting with a colleague...

So today I met up with a colleague and good friend of mine,

And being that she has quite a taste pallet, I'm always down to meet up with her for a great convo and new food experiences.  So today, her recommendation was for us to go and check out Superette, a local eatery which jus' opened recently here in the 808.  They're known for creating menu items which come almost completely from locally grown and farmed produce.

Between the two os us we shared a sampler tray which included a tasting of five of their different sides, which included a root salad, curried eggplant salad, butter squash salad, an ‘ulu (breadfruit) salad and a quinoa salad.  All were very interesting but the quinoa salad was hella good!

And for lunch I had me an ahi (tuna) blt, which came with a green salad and a sampling of pickled veggies...

While my buddy got her a carrot and orange soup, very tasty may I add (ya, I had to try that too, lol)...

So if you're ever in the mood for some real good quality fresh food, be sure to check these guys out!

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