Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo shoot with one of my good homies...

So one of my good buddies called me up,

He is the proud owner of Boogie Down Productions, a hip hop n bboy dance studio here in the 808.  He's a well-respected dude here in the 808 because he's been in the game for quite some time.  He asked if I could help by taking some photos of him which he needed to help promote a dance workshop he was gonna be doing in Utah.  If you notice, in my blog I don't normally put people's faces jus' cuz I like to keep things off of the radar, but in this case I had to.  It's one of my fav pics with the reflection goin on in the concrete where my buddy is sitting along with all of the bright contrasting colors.  The location was in good old Kaka'ako where a number of walls were (legally) hit up for Pow Wow, an international graff event here in the 808.

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