Friday, April 12, 2013

My sis gets flashmobbed and proposed...

So my now brother in law to be,

Gave me a ring about a month ago asking me if I could help him with him proposing to my sis, being the creative head that I am.  I happily obliged for the obvious reason that it was my sis, lol.  But man, it was probably one of the most hardest things to do, to keep the proposal off of the radar from my sis, because she is one of the most INTUITIVE people I know, next to me, haha.  Anyhow, with some quick calls with some of my connections, my mission was to make it a night like no other for my sis.

So came time for the evening of the proposal, both sides of the family were invited for some Italian food as Ricado's Italian Restaurant.  Their food is really good.  Unbeknownst to my sis, all she new was that she was gonna have a birthday dinner with her husband to be and my niece, but upon her arrival all of her relatives and relatives in law were gonna be there to surprise her.

I hit up one of my contacts where I usually get my flowers from and put together some nice simple rose arrangements that ran along the tables for the guests.  The whole idea was brining in different colors, which represented both sides of the family coming to the table together.

In true HaynMade fashion, there's always a twist in the way I do things.  Although both sides of the family knew a proposal was going to take place on the evening of my sis' bday, I kept it a HUGE secret from everyone, but I also arranged for a flashmob.  I called up some of my closest friends and being the awesome and talented people that they are, they all jumped aboard to help.  Soooooo, when my sis arrived, both sides of the family happily surprised my sis with a huge "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and she was soooo shocked.  But the best part of it all after everyone wished my sis happy bday and all of that, the flashmob of 14 actors and dancers took place.

Puahahahahaha, the look on everyone's face was classic!  There were smiles, laughter and tears as my crew of mobbers sang and danced to "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.  It was hella awesome!  My sister cried like no tomorrow, and after the song was done, a cake was wheeled out.  The cake was also made by some good friends of mine at Cafe Laufer.

On the top of the cake the chef made a chocolate box with a lid that could be opened, and in the box was the ring for my sis.  In true chivalry fashion, my brother in law got on one knee and proposed to my sis.  Nearly the entire restaurant with party guests, restaurant patrons and the restaurant staff were in tears as my sis said yes.  Haha, good times, good times.

One of our most fav waiters also got a cake for my sis, which was hella cool of him.  So it's no surprise why we always eat at Ricado's for all of our special celebrations.

So much props to my brother in law, Ricado's, Cafe Laufer and to all of my friends for making my sis' proposal a special one!

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