Saturday, May 11, 2013

Avengers bday action for the nephew...

When it comes to my fam bam,

I go all out!  This particular occasion was for my nephew's 3rd birthday.  So far in the fam bam there's my niece and my nephew, and being that I don't have any kids (that I know of, lol, jus' kiddin') these two are my life, and I'd do practically anything for these two.

I was tasked with doing the decorations and goodie bags for all of the kids who came, and boy did I go balls to the wall on those bad boys!  I went to Party City and Walmart here in the 808 and went off!  I bought practically everything that was avengers related, were talking pencils, candies, cups, stickers, tattoos, etc. and even an Iron Man action figure in every goodie bag, lol.  I got soooo much stuff, I ended up making not one, but two goodie bags for each kid, how's dem apples, lol.  You gotta love it though, I really wanted to make something special for my nephew.

The bday shin dig took place at the pool and bbq area at my crib, where we invited the fam bam and a bunch of my nephew's buddies to eat some good grub (that my lil bro got, including burgers, hot dogs, chili and rice, oh yeeeaa!)

It's a lil tradition in our fam bam that we do not get your average bday cake, but rather a bday cookie, which is what my sis got for the nephew.  And we kept it real with the Avengers' theme.

Man, he sure did get the hook ups too, complete with a whole bunch of Iron Man toys and other goodies.

And my nephew went ape ish when my sister hooked him up with his own Iron Man costume, haha, it was so hilarious.  My nephew totally got into it, imagining he was Iron Man himself, (imaginatively) firing away at the enemies and flying all over my brother's crib.

At the end of the day, it was all worth it.  All in all it was a great day, great food with great company all for a great lil kid in my life.  

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