Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's yo birthday...

So on the 15th,

I made 21...again...puahahahaha!  On the real, it's been a pretty cool birthday week thus far.  On the 15th, it was nice and chill. At work, one of the office staff treated me to lunch, which was hella cool of her, and I got a birthday card from another co-worker with a gift certificate from Frostcity (for those of you who remember, I blogged about it earlier (  In the evening I just had dinner at my friend's place and we did the norm, talk story and do what I do, lol.

On the 16th, my friend took me out to this killer Japanese buffet place where I like to eat called Tsukiji's Fish Market.  They have some hella killer food, their dinner buffet comes with the works, on the Japanese end we're talking tempura, sushi, sukiyaki, teri chicken, soba, miso soup and udon just to name a few.  There's also thrown into the mix other good-licous stuff like made to order steaks, crab legs, kalbi (Korean shortribs), shrimp cocktail and others.  And let us not forget the desserts with mini cakes, mochi, jello, fresh fruit and shave ice, which comes with extras like azuki beans and my fav, condensed milk, yummmmmmy!  The pic below is my special bday dessert, winnahs!

Last night, my little brother called me on my way home from work to stop by at his place for my bday gift from him, his wife and my nephew.  My brother is hilarious, he hooked me up with a bag of Costco sized plain M&M's, a bag of Costco sized peanut M&M's and a Costco sized box of Ghirardelli brownies.  If you folks haven't baked up a bunch of these brownies, you seriously don't know what you're missing.

But even more awesome, my lil bro gave me a birthday card, man, it had me moved to tears with him mentioning how much he's learned from me being his older bro, and how me taking care of him as a lil kid and the values that we're about as a family has carried over into his new family.  Pretty cool stuff.

But all in all, throughout the years, I must say that even with some of the challenges I've had to face, like we all do, it's been an awesome life thus far.  I'm super grateful for the family that I have.  I'm also super honored to have the friends that I have here in the 808 and across the globe.

Good times

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