Friday, August 19, 2011

It's yo birthday part 2...


On Thursday, evening my friend rounded up a bunch of friends to continue my little birthday marathon, okay cool.  So that same night, before the birthday shindig, my other friend and I had to sub for a Street Jamz class that I take at the studio.  So after the killer workout and all of that good stuff, I told a couple of my dancer friends that I'd see them at my birthday shindig and what not and they all dig out, okay cool.  So I go and shower, freshen up and change clothes in the locker room, okay cool, I'm good to go.  So I hop in my car and when I turn the ignition...dead.  Haha frick!  So in denial (and we all of those moments) I go to start my car up to see if there was some miracle that it would start up and...still dead, lol.

So I look around to see if there's anyone in the parking lot with jumper cables, and no luck.  So here I am sitting in my dead car, on my way to go to my birthday shindig, friggen story of my life.  So I call one of my dancer/instructor friends, who just left the parking lot of the studio and asked him where he was, and he was already gone, but he was all "What's up?"  And I was like, "Dude, you wouldn't happen to have a pair of jumper cables would you?"  And he was all "Aww man, no I don't, but I'm near Walmart, I'll go and grab a pair for you."  "Aww man, thanks, I appreciate it."

As that happens my other friend who was already at the bar that we were supposed to meet at texts me, "So, what food do you want me to order?"  I texted back, "Umm, I car is dead."  Haha, my phone rings "What the hell happened?"  And I was all, "Uh, my car is dead."  And she was all, okay, I'm gonna leave the bar and drive down there, I have jumper cables."  "Okay cool, thanks."

So I go to call the other friend who went to Walmart to grab the jumper cables, and he doesn't answer the phone.  "Aaaah!" lol.  Meanwhile time is ticking and all I'm thinking about is all of these people waiting for me at the bar for my birthday.  So both friends arrive at the parking lot and they're cracking up, and my stressed self starts cracking up too.  So my friend who went to Walmart, hands me over the jumping cables and is all "Happy Birthday!"  Haha, I tell him, "I'm gonna friggen blog about this."

So we jump start my car, and then drop off my car at another friend's place, jump in my other friend's car and head to this bar Kanpai's.  I don't drink anymore, but there's this non-alcoholic drink I call peach fuzz that I really like, and their food is pretty bomb.  So there in the Hi-Life VIP section are a bunch of my dancer buddies all clapping as I make my grand entrance, hahaha.  I must say though, it was an awesome evening, totally my pace, laid back with a whole bunch of laughs.  And yups, I got me a momento to remember the eventful evening, so much thanks to my two saviors, and to the gang that showed up for one memorable evening...

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