Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A trip down memory lane with Jouwe Tummy...

A trip down memory lane with Jouwe Tummy,

Damn, it's been two years already since I've curated my first ever show "Feed My Tummy" which I did with a number of awesome peopz, the main person being my good friend Marine Ramdhani.  (You may remember me talking about him in an older blog post I put up (  But anyway, about year before that, we were talking about working together to host a show here in Hawaii, and he was totally for it.  So when I got the go, I quickly hit the pavement and contacted a bunch of artists to be a part of the show.

My only regret was that I wish I could invite more artists, just because there's soooo many artists out there who I really respect for their mad skills.  But at the time, Marine as an upcoming artist and the crazy shipping costs from Indonesia to Hawaii, he was only able to cast a set amount of blank resin Jouwe Tummy figures.  Artists from across the globe were a part of this memorable show including talent from our very own backyard here in Hawaii.

I also brought together some really good people from the 808 to help be a part of the show, the crew at Prototype hosted the venue and provided sponsorship, one cool dude John Hook aka Contra808 who is trademarked for his wicked photography and a bunch of 808 heads who helped blast the event all over the place online and here in the State.  The PR photos before the show were taken at a locally owned restaurant called Town, and it was the perfect backdrop, I swear.  Pancho, CKaweeks and Newkon (808 artists who were also a part of the show) also stopped by to hit up blank figs and black books for the fans.  Man it was an awesome evening. It was super duper hard work putting this all together, but it was worth every single bit.  It really was a win for all situation and a huge collaborative show.
Marine and I keep in touch from time to time, even though we're separated many thousands of miles away.  (One day Marine, you and I are gonna meet up, lol!)

I can't take credit for these photos from the show, so again, props to John Hook aka Contra808.  More of his wicked ways can be seen on his blog at

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