Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pooped but still haulin'...

So the following early morning after our evening adventures,

We headed down to the Hawai'i State Capitol for Youth Day, an event created to celebrate children.  It's a pretty huge event, I'd say over three blocks are sectioned off for children of all ages and their families to participate and engage in a number of different free activities, games, rides, etc.

My good buddy and CEO of Street Jamz Werkout, this thing I do on the side was responsible for the Teen Stage area.  At our area, we had it goin on, lol.  Besides our dance thing we were doing, there was martial arts, other dance teams, cheerleaders, etc.  Here's some photos of the goodness that went on.

I know, another face, but this lil guy was way too photogenic to go un-noticed...


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